3D Laser Scanning, Aerial Surveys & BIM Modelling

One of the big advantages of 3D laser scanning is the efficiency of data collection on site. It is therefore far less intrusive on the day to day running of a building than more traditional methods.

What in the past could have taken weeks onsite, can now be done in days, with the bulk of the work then taking place in our offices.

Safedigging Ltd are able to undertake a structured 3D laser scan of your existing building, be it for renovation, adaption, extension, or other BIM purposes.

So, whether you’re looking for a single elevation, a set of internal plans, or a complete 360° survey of the extents of your building, we can supply what you need.

Once the building has been ‘reality captured’as a 3D point cloud using laser scanners, we can then use this data to produce 2D drawings, a 3D model, or both.

We primarily use AutoCAD and Revit for the production of both 2D drawings and 3D models, and have over 30 years’ experience in 3D modelling and its associated 2D construction data production.

The final deliverable can be supplied in a variety of electronic formats, to suit your ongoing use in CAD, CAFM, BIM, or to fit your particular use. Typically, it will be provided as a series of .DWG files for 2D AutoCAD drawings, or a .RVT file for 3D Revit models.

Following the government’s 2016 mandate to use BIM (Building Information Modelling) at level 2 for all its projects, 3D laser scanned Measured Building Surveys are fast becoming the preferred option.

Our 3D laser scanned measured building surveys often provide the start point for a project and can be used for:

The importance of accurately measuring and recording an existing building demands the care and consideration offered by Safedigging Ltd's professional approach.

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3D Scanned Point Cloud Image
3D Scanned Point Cloud Image
3D Revit Rendering
3D Revit Rendering

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