Topographic Survey

Topographical or land surveys often provide the start point for a project so it pays to get it right first time. The correct professional survey approach will ensure correct dimensional control and minimise associated risks.

At Safedigging Limited we can provide architects, developers and contractors with accurate drawings of their site or land and pride ourselves on being able to deliver an accurate high quality drawing to meet our client's exact needs and requirements.

Using the latest fully robotic theodolite (Trimble S6) Total stations and Trimble R4 / R8 GNSS System (GPS) our our experienced surveyors will carry out a basic topographic survey picking up sufficient detail to allow the utility information to be orientated to the ground. Items such as kerb lines, building outlines, and other prominent “hard” features are collected.

The level of the topographic survey can be fully customised according to our client’s requirements.

The data collected is then processed using Korec’s Geosite software and then imported to AutoCAD 2007/2010 for final editing and presentation. If a drawing is provided by the client then the results of the utility survey will be integrated in to the original topographical survey if required.

The drawing, given in either two-dimensional or 3 dimensional form, provides the precise location of static features such as buildings, kerb lines, fences, trees, street furniture and service covers. This is combined with height levels and/or contours to aid in design and development. All features are shown to a level of detail and scale appropriate to the individual project.

All utility information will be included on the drawing and presented in a clear and concise manner. To download an example of a Safedigging Drawing Click here. (Note: You will need a Adobe Reader).

Your Safedigging plans will be burned to CD, Hard copies plotted on A1 paper will also be supplied and emailed if a speedy results service is required.

Download: Safedigging Plan (Topographic)

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Topographic Surveying
Topographic Survey Report
Topographic Surveying

Measured Building Surveys

Measured Building Surveys are used to produce plans of a building and may be conducted before renovation works, for commercial purpose, or at the end of the construction process as an "as built" survey.

We at Safedigging Ltd are able to undertake a variety of measured building related surveys on both residential to commercial properties.

With reflectorless technology we can survey building elevations safely and accurately, coupled with the use of new technologies and photo corrective software our elevation surveys are some of the best available in the UK today. Floor plans are measured and recorded onto tablet PC's, with the additional benefit of onboard error checking calculations; the tablet software will provide engineers with instant visual information while also alerting them to any potential errors or issues.

The final survey is produced and issued in AutoCAD and available in a range of usable formats, allowing the end user to view and use the information in a variety of ways.

To download an example of a Measured Building drawing: Click here. (Note: You will need a Adobe Reader).

Also see: 3D Laser Scanning, BIM Modelling & Aerial Surveys

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Measured Building Survey
Measured Building Survey

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